President Trump to Have Sex Change

President Trump to Have Sex Change

It has been reported to this news outlet from several Whitehouse staffers that. They have over heard that President Trump has been talking about having a sex change as of recently. This comes as a shock to the republican party as well as the LGBTQ community.

Several Whitehouse staffers have come forward with information but have chosen to remain anonymous as to not incur possible punishment for releasing the information. Trump was misquoted as saying “Grabbing myself by the pussy was the only logical next step.” as well as “I feel it is the only way to get Mike Pence to love me again.” It is said that he also hopes to ask Caitlyn Jenner for advice and council as to how to go about the change, what he needs to do, and which doctor Jenner used to avoid looking like a man in drag.

It is said that members of the LGBTQ community are in shock to discover this. Many have said they will not rally behind President Trump either way. Without naming any names we have heard many say “He is still not my president” as well as “really he would make a really ugly woman I mean come on he is a Cheeto for god sakes.” It would seem that many people do not want to rally behind him.

As for his own political party the we have heard a few things from around the capital. Some have mixed feelings about the President\’s decision. Many Republican party members have said “really my god really?” Others have said “well hell if he does it, I may just give it a go” and made hand gestures as to say they would try and sleep with the President.

This news facility has not tried to reach out to the President for questioning due to lack of true interest in the story.